1 Mangkok Bakso Berapa Kalori

4 min read Jun 11, 2024
1 Mangkok Bakso Berapa Kalori

1 Mangkok Bakso Berapa Kalori?

Bakso, a popular Indonesian meatball dish, is a favorite snack among many Indonesians. However, have you ever wondered how many calories are in one serving of bakso? In this article, we'll explore the calorie count of a typical serving of bakso.

What is Bakso?

Before we dive into the calorie count, let's take a brief look at what bakso is. Bakso is a traditional Indonesian dish made from ground meat (usually beef, chicken, or a combination of both) mixed with flour, salt, and spices. The mixture is then shaped into small balls and cooked in boiling water. Bakso is often served in a bowl with noodles, tofu, and a sweet soy sauce-based broth.

Calorie Count of 1 Mangkok Bakso

So, how many calories are in one serving of bakso? The answer depends on the size of the serving and the ingredients used. However, based on various sources, here is an approximate calorie count for one serving of bakso:

  • One serving of bakso (approximately 100-150 grams) contains around 250-350 calories.
  • A larger serving size (approximately 200-250 grams) can contain up to 500-600 calories.

Here's a breakdown of the nutrition facts for one serving of bakso (approximately 100-150 grams):

Nutrient Amount (per serving)
Energy (kcal) 250-350
Protein (g) 20-25
Fat (g) 10-12
Carbohydrates (g) 20-25
Sodium (mg) 400-500

Tips for a Healthier Bakso Experience

While bakso can be a tasty and satisfying snack, it's essential to be mindful of the calorie count and nutritional content. Here are some tips for a healthier bakso experience:

  • Choose a smaller serving size: Opt for a smaller serving size to reduce your calorie intake.
  • Select lower-fat ingredients: Choose bakso made with leaner meat or vegetarian options to reduce the fat content.
  • Balance with vegetables: Add some vegetables to your bakso dish to increase the nutrient density and fiber content.

In conclusion, while bakso can be a delicious and comforting snack, it's essential to be aware of the calorie count and nutritional content. By making informed choices and practicing moderation, you can enjoy bakso while maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

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