Alan Walker Faded Piano Pdf

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Alan Walker Faded Piano Pdf

Alan Walker - Faded Piano PDF: A Guide to Playing the Haunting Melody


Alan Walker's "Faded" is a hauntingly beautiful song that has captured the hearts of millions of music lovers around the world. The song's mesmerizing melody and emotive lyrics have made it a favorite among music enthusiasts. In this article, we will provide you with a guide to playing the "Faded" piano PDF, allowing you to bring this stunning song to life with your own fingers.

About Alan Walker

Alan Walker is a Norwegian electronic music producer and DJ. Born in 1997, Walker rose to fame in the mid-2010s with his unique sound, which blends elements of electronic dance music, chillout, and ambient genres. "Faded" is one of his most popular songs, featuring the vocals of Iselin Solheim.

Faded Piano PDF: Understanding the Music

Before we dive into the piano PDF, let's understand the music behind "Faded". The song features a simple yet effective melody that is built around a repeating pattern of descending arpeggios. The melody is accompanied by a haunting piano accompaniment that adds depth and emotion to the song.

Faded Piano PDF: Getting Started

To play "Faded" on the piano, you will need to download the piano PDF score. You can find the PDF score online or purchase it from a music sheet retailer. Once you have the score, follow these steps to get started:

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with the score

Take some time to review the piano PDF score and get familiar with the notation, rhythm, and melody.

Step 2: Choose the right tempo

The tempo of "Faded" is moderately slow, around 90 BPM. Choose a tempo that feels comfortable for you, but try to stay close to the original tempo to maintain the song's emotional impact.

Step 3: Practice the arpeggio pattern

The arpeggio pattern is the foundation of the song's melody. Practice playing the pattern with your right hand until you feel comfortable with the finger placement and rhythm.

Step 4: Add the left-hand accompaniment

Once you're comfortable with the arpeggio pattern, add the left-hand accompaniment. Focus on playing the chords and bass notes accurately, as they provide the harmonic foundation for the song.

Step 5: Add the melody

With the arpeggio pattern and left-hand accompaniment in place, add the melody with your right hand. Focus on playing the melody smoothly and with feeling.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some additional tips to help you play "Faded" like a pro:

  • Pay attention to dynamics: The song features contrasting dynamics, from soft and intimate to loud and dramatic. Make sure to play with expression and feeling.
  • Use pedaling judiciously: The sustain pedal can help to create a sense of space and ambiance, but use it sparingly to avoid muddying the sound.
  • Experiment with different interpretations: While it's essential to play the notes accurately, don't be afraid to add your own interpretation and style to the song.


Playing "Faded" on the piano requires patience, practice, and dedication. With this guide and the Faded piano PDF score, you're well on your way to mastering this hauntingly beautiful song. Remember to have fun, be creative, and enjoy the process of learning and growing as a pianist. Happy playing!

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