Alan Walker Faded Feat Iselin Solheim

4 min read Jul 07, 2024
Alan Walker Faded Feat Iselin Solheim

Alan Walker - Faded (feat. Iselin Solheim)

The Rise of a Global Phenomenon

Released in 2015, "Faded" by Alan Walker featuring Iselin Solheim is an electronic dance music (EDM) single that has taken the world by storm. The song's haunting melody, combined with Iselin's emotive vocals, has captured the hearts of millions of music lovers worldwide.

The Story Behind the Song

Alan Walker, a Norwegian DJ and record producer, created "Faded" when he was just 17 years old. The song was initially uploaded to YouTube and SoundCloud, where it gained moderate success. However, it wasn't until the official release of the single in 2015 that "Faded" started to gain traction globally.

The song's lyrics, written by Alan Walker, Jesper Borgen, and Gunnar Greve, tell the story of a past love that has faded away. Iselin Solheim's powerful vocals bring the emotional lyrics to life, creating a sense of longing and nostalgia.

The Music Video

The music video for "Faded" was released in December 2015 and has since garnered over 3.5 billion views on YouTube. The video features Alan Walker and Iselin Solheim performing the song in various scenic locations around Norway, including the famous Trolltunga rock formation.

Awards and Accolades

"Faded" has won numerous awards, including the NRJ Music Award for International Breakthrough of the Year and the MTV Europe Music Award for Best Norwegian Act. The song has also been certified multi-platinum in several countries, including Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Impact on the Music Industry

"Faded" has had a significant impact on the music industry, paving the way for other EDM artists to break into the mainstream. The song's success has also led to collaborations between Alan Walker and other prominent artists, such as Justin Bieber and Hans Zimmer.


"Faded" by Alan Walker featuring Iselin Solheim is more than just a song - it's a global phenomenon that has brought people together through its emotional melody and haunting vocals. The song's success is a testament to the power of music to transcend borders and cultures, and its impact will be felt for years to come.

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