Alan Walker China Tour

5 min read Jul 07, 2024
Alan Walker China Tour

Alan Walker China Tour: A Musical Odyssey

Who is Alan Walker?

Alan Walker is a Norwegian DJ, record producer, and songwriter who has taken the music world by storm with his unique sound and electrifying performances. Born in 1997, Walker rose to fame with his debut single "Faded" in 2015, which became a massive hit worldwide. Since then, he has released numerous chart-topping singles and remixes, collaborating with top-notch artists like Coldplay, Avicii, and Justin Bieber.

China Tour: A Dream Come True

In 2019, Alan Walker embarked on his highly anticipated China tour, marking his first-ever performances in the country. The tour was a huge success, with thousands of fans flocking to see him perform live in major cities like Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou.

walker's China tour was a culmination of his relentless efforts to connect with his fans globally. Despite language barriers, the DJ expressed his excitement to perform in China, stating that music is a universal language that can bring people together.

Tour Highlights

The China tour was a visual and auditory feast, featuring Walker's signature high-energy performances, mesmerizing light shows, and elaborate stage designs. Fans were treated to an electrifying setlist, including his hits like "Alone," "Darkside," and "Sing Me to Sleep."

Here are some of the highlights from the tour:


Walker's first show in Shanghai was a sold-out event, with fans queuing up hours in advance to secure a spot at the Mercedes-Benz Arena. The DJ delivered an unforgettable performance, interacting with the audience and even giving away signed merchandise to lucky fans.


In Beijing, Walker performed at the iconic Worker's Stadium, which was packed to capacity with enthusiastic fans. The show featured a stunning light display, with pyrotechnics and lasers that lit up the night sky.


The Guangzhou show was a special one, with Walker inviting a local Chinese DJ to join him on stage for an impromptu collaboration. The crowd went wild as the two DJs spun a pulsating mix that had everyone dancing.

Fan Reactions

Fans who attended the China tour were unanimous in their praise for Walker's performances. Many took to social media to express their gratitude, with some even sharing emotional stories of how his music had helped them through tough times.


Alan Walker's China tour was a resounding success, cementing his status as a global music icon. The DJ's dedication to his craft and his fans is inspiring, and we can't wait to see what he has in store for us next. If you're an Alan Walker fan, mark your calendars – he might just be coming to a city near you soon!

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