3d Designer Jobs In Sri Lanka

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3d Designer Jobs In Sri Lanka

3D Designer Jobs in Sri Lanka: Opportunities and Outlook

Sri Lanka, an island nation in South Asia, has been steadily growing its economy and industries in recent years. One of the industries that has shown significant growth is the field of 3D design and animation. With the increasing demand for 3D content in various fields such as architecture, product design, and entertainment, the job market for 3D designers in Sri Lanka is becoming more promising.

What is a 3D Designer?

A 3D designer is a professional who creates three-dimensional models, animations, and visual effects for various industries. They use software such as Blender, Autodesk Maya, or 3ds Max to create 3D models, textures, and animations that can be used in films, video games, architecture, product design, and other fields.

Types of 3D Designer Jobs in Sri Lanka

1. 3D Architectural Visualizer

3D architectural visualizers create 3D models and animations of buildings and structures for architectural firms, real estate companies, and interior designers.

2. 3D Product Designer

3D product designers create 3D models of products and prototypes for manufacturers, product design firms, and advertising agencies.

3. 3D Animator

3D animators create 3D animations and visual effects for films, television shows, video games, and commercials.

4. 3D Modeling Artist

3D modeling artists create 3D models of characters, creatures, and objects for films, video games, and animated series.

Job Requirements and Skills

To be a successful 3D designer in Sri Lanka, you need to have:

  • A degree in 3D design, animation, or a related field
  • Proficiency in 3D design software such as Blender, Autodesk Maya, or 3ds Max
  • Strong understanding of 3D modeling, texturing, and lighting principles
  • Good communication and teamwork skills
  • Ability to work under tight deadlines and meet client expectations

Job Outlook and Salary Range

The job outlook for 3D designers in Sri Lanka is promising, with many companies and studios looking for skilled professionals to fill their ranks. The salary range for 3D designers in Sri Lanka varies depending on experience, skills, and industry, but here are some approximate salary ranges:

  • Junior 3D designer: LKR 400,000 - 600,000 per year
  • Mid-level 3D designer: LKR 800,000 - 1,200,000 per year
  • Senior 3D designer: LKR 1,500,000 - 2,500,000 per year

Where to Find 3D Designer Jobs in Sri Lanka

You can find 3D designer jobs in Sri Lanka through various job portals, company websites, and recruitment agencies. Some popular job portals in Sri Lanka include:

  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor
  • CareerFirst
  • TopJobs

Additionally, you can also check the websites of companies and studios that specialize in 3D design and animation, such as:

  • Eon Reality: A global company with a presence in Sri Lanka, offering 3D design and animation services.
  • Sapphire Studios: A Sri Lankan-based studio specializing in 3D animation and visual effects.
  • Arena Animation: A leading animation and design school in Sri Lanka that also offers job opportunities.


The field of 3D design is rapidly growing in Sri Lanka, offering many job opportunities for skilled professionals. With the right skills, experience, and attitude, you can succeed as a 3D designer in Sri Lanka and enjoy a fulfilling career.

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