3d Cube Script After Effects

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3d Cube Script After Effects

3D Cube Script After Effects: A Comprehensive Guide

What is a 3D Cube Script?

A 3D cube script is a set of instructions written in a programming language, such as JavaScript or Python, that allows you to create and animate a 3D cube in Adobe After Effects. This script can be used to create dynamic and interactive 3D visual effects, such as rotating cubes, spinning cubes, and more.

Why Use a 3D Cube Script?

Using a 3D cube script in After Effects offers several benefits, including:

  • Time-saving: Creating a 3D cube from scratch can be a time-consuming process. A script can automate the process, saving you hours of work.
  • Consistency: A script ensures that your 3D cube looks consistent and professional, every time.
  • Customization: With a script, you can easily customize the look and behavior of your 3D cube to fit your specific needs.

How to Create a 3D Cube Script in After Effects

To create a 3D cube script in After Effects, you'll need to have some basic knowledge of programming and scripting. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started:

Step 1: Create a New Script

  • Open After Effects and go to File > Scripts > New Script.
  • Choose a scripting language, such as JavaScript or Python.
  • Give your script a name, such as "3DCubeScript".

Step 2: Define the Cube's Properties

  • In your script, define the cube's properties, such as its size, color, and rotation.
  • Use variables to store these properties, such as cubeSize, cubeColor, and rotationSpeed.

Step 3: Create the Cube

  • Use After Effects' built-in functions and methods to create a new 3D cube layer.
  • Use the properties defined in Step 2 to customize the cube's appearance and behavior.

Step 4: Animate the Cube

  • Use After Effects' animation functions and methods to animate the cube.
  • Use the rotationSpeed variable to control the speed of the cube's rotation.

Step 5: Save and Run the Script

  • Save your script as a .jsx file (for JavaScript) or .py file (for Python).
  • Go back to After Effects and go to File > Scripts > Run Script.
  • Select your script and click Run to execute the script.

Example 3D Cube Script

Here's an example 3D cube script in JavaScript:

// Define the cube's properties
var cubeSize = 100;
var cubeColor = [1, 0, 0]; // red
var rotationSpeed = 1;

// Create a new 3D cube layer
var cubeLayer = new Layer("3D Cube");
cubeLayer.threeD = true;
cubeLayer.transform.scale = [cubeSize, cubeSize, cubeSize];

// Animate the cube's rotation
function animateCube() {
  cubeLayer.transform.rotation = [0, 0, rotationSpeed];
  rotationSpeed += 1;

// Run the animation

This script creates a new 3D cube layer, sets its size and color, and animates its rotation.


In this article, we've covered the basics of creating a 3D cube script in After Effects. With this knowledge, you can create dynamic and interactive 3D visual effects with ease. Remember to customize and experiment with your script to create unique and creative effects.

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