3d Artist Job Indonesia

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3d Artist Job Indonesia

3D Artist Job Indonesia: Career Opportunities and Growth


The world of computer-generated imagery (CGI) has revolutionized the entertainment, advertising, and gaming industries. As technology advances, the demand for skilled 3D artists has increased significantly. Indonesia, with its growing creative industry, has become an attractive destination for 3D artists seeking a fulfilling career.

Job Description and Responsibilities

A 3D artist is responsible for creating three-dimensional models, textures, and animations for various media, including films, video games, advertisements, and architectural visualizations. The job involves:

  • Modeling: Creating 3D models from concept sketches or designs
  • Texturing: Adding surface details and colors to 3D models
  • Lighting: Setting up lighting scenes to enhance mood and atmosphere
  • Animation: Bringing 3D models to life through movement and action
  • Rendering: Converting 3D scenes into 2D images or videos

Career Opportunities in Indonesia

The Indonesian creative industry is booming, with numerous opportunities for 3D artists. Some of the top industries that require 3D artists include:

Film and Animation

  • Studios like Infinite Frameworks and Blackmagic Design have set up shop in Indonesia, producing high-quality animated content for local and international markets.
  • Opportunity to work on feature films, TV series, and commercials.

Video Games

  • Local game development studios like Toge Productions and Agate Studio are creating engaging games for PC and mobile platforms.
  • Opportunities to work on game development, level design, and character creation.

Architecture and Real Estate

  • Indonesian architecture firms like Aedas and Dentons are using 3D visualization to present their designs to clients.
  • Opportunities to work on architectural visualizations, interior design, and urban planning.

Advertising and Marketing

  • Advertising agencies like Dentsu Aegis Network and Ogilvy Indonesia are using 3D animation to create engaging ads.
  • Opportunities to work on commercial animation, product visualization, and branding.

Skills and Requirements

To succeed as a 3D artist in Indonesia, you'll need:

  • Proficiency in 3D software: Knowledge of industry-standard software like Blender, Maya, 3ds Max, or SketchUp.
  • Creative portfolio: A showcase of your best work, demonstrating your skills and style.
  • Strong understanding of design principles: Knowledge of color theory, composition, and lighting.
  • Good communication skills: Ability to work with clients, directors, and other team members.
  • Adaptability and willingness to learn: Staying up-to-date with industry trends and emerging technologies.

Salary and Growth

The salary range for 3D artists in Indonesia varies based on experience, industry, and location. On average, a junior 3D artist can expect a monthly salary of around IDR 5,000,000 - 8,000,000 (approximately USD 350-560). With experience, senior 3D artists can earn up to IDR 15,000,000 - 25,000,000 (approximately USD 1,050-1,750) per month.


The demand for 3D artists in Indonesia is on the rise, with a wide range of industries seeking skilled professionals. By developing your skills, building a strong portfolio, and staying adaptable, you can thrive in this exciting and creative field.

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