2d Shapes Properties Table

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2d Shapes Properties Table

2D Shapes Properties Table

In geometry, 2D shapes are an essential part of understanding spatial relationships and visualizing objects. Each 2D shape has its own unique properties that distinguish it from others. In this article, we will create a comprehensive table of 2D shapes properties to help you understand and remember their characteristics.

What are 2D Shapes?

2D shapes, also known as two-dimensional shapes, are geometric figures that have only two dimensions: length and width. They do not have depth or thickness. Examples of 2D shapes include squares, circles, triangles, and rectangles.

Properties of 2D Shapes

The following table outlines the properties of common 2D shapes:

Shapes and their Properties

Shape Number of Sides Number of Angles Sum of Interior Angles Example
Square 4 4 360° !
Rectangle 4 4 360° !
Triangle 3 3 180° !
Circle 0 N/A !
Rhombus 4 4 360° !
Trapezoid 4 4 360° !
Kite 4 4 360° !
Parallelogram 4 4 360° !
Hexagon 6 6 720° !

Understanding the Properties

  • Number of Sides: The number of sides of a shape determines its name and properties.
  • Number of Angles: The number of angles in a shape is equal to the number of sides.
  • Sum of Interior Angles: The sum of interior angles in a shape is a unique property that helps identify the shape.
  • Example: A visual representation of each shape to help with recognition.


In conclusion, understanding the properties of 2D shapes is essential for building a strong foundation in geometry. By memorizing the properties outlined in this table, you will be able to identify and work with 2D shapes with confidence.

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