2d Artist Job Malaysia

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2d Artist Job Malaysia

2D Artist Job in Malaysia: A Creative Career Path

Are you passionate about art and design? Do you have a knack for creating engaging visuals and storytelling through 2D graphics? If so, a career as a 2D artist in Malaysia might be the perfect fit for you.

What is a 2D Artist?

A 2D artist is a creative professional responsible for designing and creating two-dimensional graphics, animations, and illustrations for various industries, including gaming, film, television, advertising, and publishing. 2D artists use software such as Adobe Animate, Toon Boom Harmony, or Adobe Photoshop to create their artwork.

Job Responsibilities

As a 2D artist in Malaysia, your job responsibilities may include:

  • Designing and creating 2D graphics, characters, and backgrounds for various projects, such as animated TV series, video games, or advertisements.
  • Developing concept art and storyboards to visualize the project's storyline and characters.
  • Creating animation tests to showcase character movements and interactions.
  • Collaborating with other artists, designers, and directors to ensure consistency in the project's visual style.
  • Meeting deadlines and working efficiently to deliver high-quality artwork within a specified timeframe.

Industries that Hire 2D Artists in Malaysia

Several industries in Malaysia hire 2D artists, including:

  • Game development studios: Companies like Gameloft, Ubisoft, and Lemon Sky Games develop mobile and PC games that require 2D artists to create characters, backgrounds, and UI elements.
  • Animation studios: Studios like Les' Copaque Production, Glue Studios, and Inspidea create animated TV series, films, and commercials that rely on 2D artists to bring their stories to life.
  • Advertising agencies: Agencies like Naga DDB Tribal, M&C Saatchi, and Leo Burnett use 2D artists to create engaging advertisements, posters, and social media content for their clients.
  • Publishing companies: Publishers like Karangkraf, Sapuan Publishing, and Utusan Publications hire 2D artists to illustrate books, magazines, and comics.

Skills and Qualifications

To become a successful 2D artist in Malaysia, you'll need:

  • A degree in fine arts, animation, or a related field.
  • Proficiency in 2D graphics software, such as Adobe Animate, Toon Boom Harmony, or Adobe Photoshop.
  • Excellent drawing and illustration skills.
  • Good understanding of color theory, composition, and storytelling principles.
  • Strong communication and teamwork skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.

Salary Range

The salary range for 2D artists in Malaysia varies based on experience, industry, and location. However, here are some approximate salary ranges to expect:

  • Junior 2D artist: RM 3,500 - RM 5,000 per month.
  • Mid-level 2D artist: RM 6,000 - RM 9,000 per month.
  • Senior 2D artist: RM 10,000 - RM 15,000 per month.


A career as a 2D artist in Malaysia can be a rewarding and creative path for those who are passionate about art and design. With the right skills, qualifications, and experience, you can thrive in this industry and contribute to the development of engaging visuals and stories that captivate audiences across the globe.

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