2d Animation After Effects Tutorial

4 min read Jul 07, 2024
2d Animation After Effects Tutorial

2D Animation After Effects Tutorial


After Effects is a powerful tool for creating motion graphics, visual effects, and animations. In this tutorial, we will learn the basics of creating a 2D animation using After Effects. We will cover the fundamental techniques and tools needed to bring your 2D designs to life.

Setting Up Your Project

Step 1: Create a New Project

  • Open After Effects and create a new project by going to File > New > Project.
  • Set the project settings to your desired resolution, frame rate, and duration.

Step 2: Import Your Assets

  • Import your 2D design assets, such as illustrations or graphics, into After Effects by going to File > Import > File.
  • Make sure to import your assets as a PSD or AI file, as this will allow you to maintain editability.

Creating a New Composition

Step 1: Create a New Composition

  • Go to Composition > New Composition to create a new composition.
  • Set the composition settings to match your project settings.

Step 2: Add Your Assets

  • Add your imported assets to the composition by dragging and dropping them into the composition window.

** Animating Your Assets**

Step 1: Create a New Layer

  • Create a new layer by going to Layer > New > Layer.
  • Name your layer and set its properties, such as color and blend mode.

Step 2: Animate Your Asset

  • Select the asset you want to animate and go to Window > Timeline to open the timeline panel.
  • Use the animation tools, such as the Position, Scale, and Rotation tools, to animate your asset.
  • Experiment with different animation curves and easing to achieve the desired motion.

Adding Texture and Depth

Step 1: Add a Background

  • Create a new layer and add a background image or color to your composition.

Step 2: Add Shadows and Highlights

  • Use the Drop Shadow and Bevel and Emboss effects to add depth and texture to your animation.

Final Touches

Step 1: Add a Audio Track

  • Import an audio file or create a new audio track by going to File > Import > Audio.
  • Add the audio track to your composition and adjust its settings as needed.

Step 2: Export Your Animation

  • Go to Composition > Add to Render Queue to export your animation.
  • Choose your desired export settings, such as format, resolution, and codec.


In this tutorial, we have covered the basics of creating a 2D animation using After Effects. We have learned how to set up a new project, import assets, create a new composition, animate our assets, add texture and depth, and add final touches. With practice and experimentation, you can take your 2D animation skills to the next level. Happy animating!

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