2d 20 Sided Shape

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2d 20 Sided Shape

2D 20 Sided Shape: Understanding Icosagon

What is an Icosagon?

A 2D 20 sided shape, also known as an icosagon, is a polygon with 20 sides. The word "icosagon" comes from the Greek words "eikos" meaning twenty and "gon" meaning angle. It is a two-dimensional shape with 20 vertices and 20 sides of equal length.

Properties of an Icosagon

Number of Sides

The most distinct feature of an icosagon is the number of sides it has, which is 20. This makes it a unique and fascinating shape in geometry.

Internal Angles

The sum of internal angles of an icosagon is 3240 degrees. Each internal angle is equal to 162 degrees.


An icosagon has 10 axes of symmetry. This means that if you draw a line through the center of the shape, it will have 10 points of symmetry.


An icosagon can be constructed using a compass and a straightedge. It can also be constructed using a ruler and a protractor.

Real-World Applications

Icosagons are not commonly found in nature, but they do have some real-world applications:


Icosagons are used in design, particularly in architecture and graphic design. They are used to create unique and visually appealing shapes.


Icosagons are used in geometry to teach students about polygons and their properties.


Icosagons are used in art to create intricate and beautiful patterns.


In conclusion, a 2D 20 sided shape, or an icosagon, is a fascinating shape with unique properties and real-world applications. Its symmetrical shape and 20 sides make it a popular choice for designers, artists, and mathematicians.

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