1 Mang Yen

3 min read Jun 11, 2024
1 Mang Yen

1 Mang Yen: The Oldest Known Coin in Vietnam


In the realm of numismatics, Vietnam boasts a rich history of coinage that dates back centuries. Among the numerous coins that have been discovered, one stands out for its significance and age - the 1 Mang Yen. This ancient coin is not only a testament to Vietnam's cultural heritage but also a fascinating artifact that sheds light on the country's economic and social history.

History of the 1 Mang Yen

The 1 Mang Yen is believed to have been minted during the Later Lê dynasty (1428-1527), a period marked by relative peace and stability in Vietnam. This era saw the emergence of a strong and centralized government, which led to the development of a thriving economy. The 1 Mang Yen was likely introduced as a medium of exchange to facilitate trade and commerce.

Design and Features

The 1 Mang Yen is a copper-alloy coin with a distinctive design. On one side, it features an inscription in Chinese characters, which translates to "Great Viet" or "Dai Viet." The reverse side bears an image of a mythical creature, believed to be a dragon or a phoenix, surrounded by intricate patterns. The coin's design is a testament to the cultural and artistic influences of the time, with elements of Chinese and Buddhist iconography.

Rarity and Significance

The 1 Mang Yen is considered one of the oldest and rarest coins in Vietnamese numismatics. Its discovery has provided valuable insights into the country's economic and cultural development during the Later Lê dynasty. The coin's existence also highlights the significance of Vietnam's cultural heritage, which has been shaped by its geographic location as a crossroads between East Asia and Southeast Asia.


The 1 Mang Yen is an extraordinary artifact that offers a glimpse into Vietnam's rich history. As a testament to the country's economic, cultural, and artistic achievements, this ancient coin is a treasured relic that continues to fascinate collectors, historians, and enthusiasts alike.

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