1 M3 Styropianu Ile To M2

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1 M3 Styropianu Ile To M2

1 m3 Styropianu to m2: Conversion and Calculation

What is Styropianu?

Styropianu, also known as Styrofoam, is a type of foam plastic used as an insulator in buildings, particularly in the construction industry. It's a popular material for insulation due to its low thermal conductivity, lightweight, and affordability.

The Question: 1 m3 Styropianu to m2

A common question in the construction industry is how to convert 1 cubic meter (m3) of Styropianu to square meters (m2). This conversion is crucial in calculating the required amount of Styropianu for a specific area or project.

The Calculation

To convert 1 m3 of Styropianu to m2, we need to consider the density of Styropianu, which varies depending on the type and manufacturer. The average density of Styropianu is around 15-20 kg/m3.

Let's assume an average density of 17.5 kg/m3. We can calculate the volume of Styropianu as follows:

1 m3 = 1000 liters

Since the density of Styropianu is 17.5 kg/m3, we can calculate the weight of 1 m3 of Styropianu:

Weight = Volume x Density = 1000 liters x 17.5 kg/m3 = 17,500 kg or 17.5 tons

Now, let's convert the volume of Styropianu from cubic meters to square meters. The thickness of Styropianu sheets varies, but a common thickness is around 20-50 mm. For this calculation, let's assume an average thickness of 35 mm or 0.035 meters.

We can calculate the area (m2) of Styropianu as follows:

Area = Volume / Thickness = 1 m3 / 0.035 m = approximately 28.57 m2


In conclusion, 1 m3 of Styropianu is equivalent to approximately 28.57 m2, assuming an average density of 17.5 kg/m3 and an average thickness of 35 mm. Keep in mind that the actual conversion rate may vary depending on the specific type of Styropianu and its properties.

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