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Evaluating the Expression: (15-7)3

In mathematics, evaluating expressions is an essential skill that requires attention to order of operations and the ability to follow instructions. In this article, we will explore how to evaluate the expression (15-7)3.

Understanding the Expression

The expression (15-7)3 consists of two parts: 15-7 and 3. To evaluate this expression, we need to follow the order of operations, which is a set of rules that dictates the order in which mathematical operations should be performed.

Step 1: Evaluate the Expression Inside the Parentheses

The first step is to evaluate the expression inside the parentheses, which is 15-7. To do this, we need to subtract 7 from 15.

15 - 7 = 8

So, the expression inside the parentheses evaluates to 8.

Step 2: Multiply the Result by 3

Now that we have evaluated the expression inside the parentheses, we need to multiply the result by 3.

8 × 3 = 24

Therefore, the final result of the expression (15-7)3 is 24.


In conclusion, evaluating the expression (15-7)3 requires following the order of operations and performing the calculations in the correct order. By breaking down the expression into smaller parts and evaluating each part step by step, we can arrive at the final result of 24.

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